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    The Barwon Rockets coaches for the 2015/2016 season have been appointed:    Link--  /files/12729/files/BARWON COACHING APPOINTMENTS.docx
Colac School Holiday Cricket Clinic
  Attached you will see clinic information and registration form:   files/12729/files/Cricket Vic Cricket Clinic - July 2015 - Reg Form.pdf  
Free Female Level 1 Coaching Course
  See attached document for all the information:  files/12729/files/Female coaching course.pdf
Girls Come And Try!
  Free come and try for girls of all ages! Girls that come along will not only get to have a lot of fun but they will get to meet some Vic Spirit players and their coach!! See attached file for all the information:  /files/12729/files/Girls come & try (1).pdf  
What is a Barwon Rocket?
 What is a Barwon Rocket? When selecting your players for the Barwon Rocket training squad we want the players to be meeting a certain criteria as we believe it will make us the best possible team that we can be. Attached you will see a document explaining the criteria of what it takes to be a Barwon Rocket! Also attached you will find the Barwon Rocket nomination form which can be filled out and returned to Julie.    Nomination Form-  files/12729/files/Pathway Nom form 2015....
Bakker Squad Nominations
    Bakker Squad Nominations Close 26 th   June   It is time to get nominations moving for the winter program and 2015/16 Rockets & Rockettes.   For this year only clubs are able to nominate one additional player per age group if they are of the opinion one of their players has been overlooked.  These players must meet the selection criteria which has been sent to all club junior co-ordinators.  These additional nominations (if any) must be sent to the juni...
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